Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Special Group Package Rates

Go all out with an all in unlimited ride wristband at the UK’s most popular theme park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. As part of a Weekend Blackpool package, you can include a visit to the home of The Big One, the in-the-air, above-the-water Infusion, as well as classic ‘woodies’ such as The Big Dipper and The Grand National.

Launched in May 2018, ICON is the world’s most interactive rollercoaster and delivers an exhilarating experience as visitors are catapulted forward at speeds of a Formula One racing driver, cutting through The Big One and twisting around the Steeplechase and Big Dipper so close riders’ nerves are guaranteed to be tested.  Just when you think you’ve paused to catch your breath, you’re off again, projected forward at a staggering speed of 80KM/H.

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